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What do you gain being part of Clio?

As a teacher, student or dreamer we want you to have the best tools to get ahead. That you become a professional, that you learn more, that you go further, that you achieve what you have always wanted. That is why we build these alliances to train thinkers, dreamers, executors or curious people who, being part of Clio, will be able to dream the never dreamed of.

Bored in Class



We do workshops on writing, reading, orality, research, English, Spanish or the language that interests you, we train you in History, Philosophy, Economics, Sociology and Human Rights so that you have the tools you need to excel.



We develop lines of research with you to solve historical problems such as the armed conflict, migration, globalization, land and its use, communities or any other topic that interests you.

Guided Gallery Tour



We hold talks, forums, events and conferences in which we learn about techniques, tools, models or methodologies that allow us to improve in our profession.



You will be able to meet professionals, professors and students from all over the world who have the same interests, questions and aspirations as you!

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