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  • Ariel Sánchez Rojas

Why do we need a Wellbeing Team in our school?

One of the most alarming figures in the educational system that we find today is that 1 in 3 students withdraws from school because they suffered from bullying and could not solve the problem. That every 12 minutes a case of violence occurs of which only 4 out of 10 will be identified and only 33% of them will have support.

That is to say that for a period of 6 hours, in an average school of 1,000 students, up to 30 cases of bullying will occur, of which only 12 will be identified, and only 4 will have accompaniment (13.3% of all cases)and this figure is up to date.

These threats to coexistence are more common than they seem and highly frequent. All schools are obliged to ensure good coexistence, good harmony among students, and always encourage respect. Nowadays, schools have a Coexistence System, Alerts and rules within the Coexistence Manual that makes it clear what can be done and what cannot; but as we can see, this is not enough to stop what is happening in schools today.

Bullying violates human dignity, harms everyone's coexistence and does not allow harmony within the school. It is a behavior that corrupts the social and individual structure that must be treated with seriousness, professionalism and skill within the school.

As a society we must understand that violence in schools is everyone's problem that requires the participation and contribution of civil society, the national government and all possible organizations that help us reduce violence. Just so you know, 33% of a country's violence is concentrated in schools and generates a cost of up to 1% of the GDP of any LATAM country.

Then we must understand violence as a phenomenon and social disease that we must monitor, see how it manifests itself, its causes, consequences, origins and impacts not only in the situation of the violent moment; but throughout the student's life because those violent acts will accompany him until he has healed them.

So, why a coexistence and well-being management team? To reduce violent behavior among students; and as a consequence bullying. We need a coexistence team that is clear what each of the students needs, what their socio-emotional strengths and weaknesses are, what they need to strengthen their coexistence behaviors and what training and workshops constructive actions the school must implement.


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