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The Tiredness Society, can we avoid it in schools?

Currently we live in the society of fatigue, an individual and collective reality in which we begin to suffer from diseases such as depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, borderline personality disorder or occupational burnout syndrome. Where we live saturated with ourselves, working exhausting days to meet the self-demands we impose on ourselves in the incessant search for fulfillment.

This is what our children, nephews, grandchildren and future generations will face in the future if they do not learn to resolve conflicts, understand themselves, manage their emotions and recognize the rights of others.

What is the problem with this? That in schools there are no systems for measuring coexistence behaviors so that they learn to manage anger, develop empathy, recognize the rights of others, learn to listen and communicate, be tolerant of frustration and learn to ask for and receive help.

Modernity brought us social discipline and confessionalism. Today we are in a late modernity in which we are in a disciplinary society where we are dominated by the exploitation of the overuse of time. A time focused mainly on work that brings us a long career of personal obstacles and feelings of inferiority and inadequacy due to the lack of rest.

Society is tired and has become the “tired Prometheus”, an exhausted being who is constantly devoured by his own ego, he is victim and executioner at the same time, and his freedom is a sentence of self-exploitation to feel liberated.

How do we change it for future generations?


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