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  • Ariel Sánchez Rojas

Software to reduce bullying in schools?

Updated: Jan 20

Did you know that there are already several schools in LATAM testing and meeting with Clio? We didn't expect it either, we started with 6 schools and a peacebuilding program to strengthen students' critical thinking by teaching them to identify violence and recognize their emotions. And with the help of the teachers and the school's coexistence directors we managed to improve and give them something more necessary for them.

We created custom software for the School Welfare Department that helps them replace the notebook, Word or Excel created to monitor the coexistence of students. We created software so that they could measure, identify and monitor coexistence behaviors for each student at school. We accompany them in their arduous work to reduce bullying in schools.

It's simple: we identify the emotional awareness, coping strategies and empathy of the students to place them in a socio-emotional profile and determine if they are autonomous, impulsive, avoidant or isolated and its relationship with anger management, development of empathy, assertive communication, active listening, tolerance for frustration and whether they know how to receive help.

Once we have a clear profile, we begin to work with role-playing to reveal the deepest feelings of what they see, hear or experience; to make us more sensitive to the needs of others and teach them compassion, generosity, gratitude, loyalty and nobility.

In all this experience that we live every year, we learn to solve problems together and assume responsibilities, we make emotions authentic and we learn to express them. We learn to self-regulate our emotions, develop our personality, imagination and creative capacity, and to take into account the perspective of others.

With Clio, schools improve coexistence in schools, we feel interested in learning and respecting others; It becomes essential for coexistence based on respect and cooperation.

We are doing well, we have made progress; but there is still a long way to go. Just see our first version of the app so you can see for yourself the path we have taken...


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