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How does it work?




We measure how each student copes with difficulties, stress and conflict.



Personalized activities

We create roleplays and personalized conflict resolution activities for each student, strengthening their socio-emotional behaviors.



Close accompaniment

Our team of professional psychologists will be working hand in hand with the wellbeing team to strengthen the school's activities.

Benefits of our program

What do we learn?

We learn to identify violent spaces, and behaviors.

We recognize emotions of the moment to strengthen our socio-emotional management.

We transform problems into solutions by strenghening identity.

We learn to accept differences.

Our methodology

Anonymous stories

Each student, anonymously, tells a personal experience that they have experienced at some point in their life or reports a bullying situation that they have experienced or witnessed.

Action plan

We deliver the students' results to the school so that it can identify the strengths and weaknesses of each of them.


The text containing the personal experience becomes a script that will be randomly distributed to other students so they can act it out.

Behavioral analysis & recognition

Students solve some questions about their role. We evaluate the student's knowledge and skills around their coping mechanisms, and social relationships.

Want to know more?

What do we learn

Our test is designed to address a wide variety of student conditions, competencies, and emotions.

Anger management

Assertive communication

Active listening

Empathy development

Creative option generation

Constructive management of solutions




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